December 1, 2023

Going Back to Cali


Team members from the CSU Corporate Outreach and Student and Alumni Engagement departments spent time in California December 5 through 9 to visit 120 current and potential learning partners, as well as local students and alumni.

Three teams covered areas around Los Angeles, Irvine and Anaheim. The purpose of the visits were two-fold: to visit current learning partners to update them on new happenings at CSU and offer to speak to their employees about what CSU has to offer them, and also to visit new or potential partners who may not realize the benefit and ease of becoming a learning partner.

Executing these regional “blitzes” gives our teams an opportunity to learn more about the other departments at CSU, build team moral, and expand the CSU reach to communities not otherwise widely visited. Our “road warriors” travel the country every week to visit learning partners, students, alumni and prospective students at various events and conferences, but nothing makes as big of an impact as when we join forces and cover as much ground possible in a short amount of time, together.

Other blitz events this year were held in central Florida, Louisiana, Atlanta and Alabama.

These trips allow us to build personal connections with Knights everywhere. To spread the word about CSU and hear personal stories of how professionals are fitting their educational goals into their busy lives is the heartbeat of CSU.

We strive every day to take our reach across the nation and beyond, while maintaining the personalized experience each of our students receive. By visiting our learning partners and other members of the CSU family on each blitz event, we are making this dream a reality.

To learn more about our learning partners or to find out how your organization, association or municipality can offer its members and employees a tuition discount and other benefits, visit our website.