September 27, 2023

Commencement Month at CSU


grad picThis month, many of our CSU students will make the journey to Orange Beach, Ala. in order to attend the commencement ceremonies and celebrate their tremendous accomplishment.  Because of this, October is one of our favorite months here on campus as we welcome graduates and their families to tour the university, meet faculty, staff and fellow classmates, and share their stories with us.  Our guest speaker this year is John Quiñones, host of the television series, “What Would You Do?”  If you would like to join in, the commencement ceremony will be streaming live on the website.

CSU Alumni Magazine

We are very excited that our most recent edition of the CSU Alumni Magazine will be released in time for our commencement ceremony.  Those who are members of the CSU Alumni AHP_2461-300pxAssociation and our graduates in attendance will receive a printed copy of the magazine.  A digital copy is available on our website and I encourage you to read the inspirational stories and accomplishments of our alumni.  This edition features the story of two alumni who are veterans and met while serving together. They later recognized a need for wounded warriors and founded the nonprofit organization BUC-OPS (Bonded Under Combat Outreach Programs).  BUC-OPS gives veterans the opportunity to explore available therapies in an outdoor setting.

Regional Alumni ChaptersDSC_9176-S

In other alumni news, CSU’s second regional alumni chapter, the Gulf Coast Chapter, was officially chartered at an event last month in Pensacola, Fla.  The luncheon drew a crowd of more than 50 students and alumni and the chapter charter has 139 names of inductees.  The charter will hang in the walls of CSU next to our Atlanta charter, with many more to come in the future.  You can view and join our forming chapters here.





Learning Partnerships

During the week of October 24th, CSU outreach representatives will be heading to Louisiana to vDSC_3516-X2isit our learning partners and host a social event for students, alumni and employees of our learning partners in the area.  All companies and organizations are welcome to become a learning partner of CSU.  As a partner, members receive a 10% tuition discount and access to exclusive scholarships. During our event in Pensacola, we awarded Wanda Bonham, an employee with the City of Mobile, a learning partner scholarship.  It was great to celebrate the exciting news with her!

We look forward to seeing our new graduates soon. For all of our current students who are working hard on your courses and assignments, keep your eyes on the finish line. I look forward to meeting you at a future commencement ceremony.


Robert Mayes




    1. Sonya Lavett

      Hi John! Thanks for your comment. As much fun as a trip out to Cali sounds, CSU has traditionally held commencement near campus which allows our graduates and their families to visit campus at Open House and meet some of the individuals that they have worked with throughout their degree program. Students and faculty come from all over, though we realize not everyone can make the trip. We are super proud of your accomplishment! Be on the lookout for Student & Alumni Engagement to host a social in a regional area near you.

    1. Sonya Lavett

      Hi Dana! CSU is currently planning for 2017 Commencement as we speak, but we have not decided on a specific date just yet. I can share with you that Commencement has traditionally fallen in the month of October. Once a date and place are determined, CSU will post that information so students and graduates can begin planning for their special day. I hope this information is somewhat helpful to you.

  1. Daryl

    Like majority of students who attend CSU, we will have to make arrangements and travel to Alabama. Unfortunately, others like myself cannot afford to come and enjoy the accomplisment of completing school. In addition, the charges leading up to just gtaduate makes no sense. Having to pay money to attend a graduation is crazy in addition to the other cost. My son who is a junior in high school along with my mom, twin brother and siblings have been waiting for this day to see his dad walk across the stage, but will not be able to because I cant afford it. At least I will have a degree and can hopefully find a job with the accreditation.

    1. Libby Reilly

      Hi, Daryl. First of all, thank you for your comment and congratulations on such a great accomplishment! We know that finishing your degree takes hard work and dedication and all of us at CSU are proud of you. I am sorry to hear of the burden that is traveling to commencement. We know that not everyone can attend but we hope that does not take away from celebrating the fact that you finished! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

      Libby Reilly
      Communications Coordinator

    2. Barbara Jackson

      I graduated with my Bachelors a couple years ago and could not make the trip for work and financial reasons but that did not stop my family from holding a private ceremony for me. It sounds like your family is very supportive so have your own night, maybe the same day as CSU, it is the accomplishment that really matters. I am proud of you and everyone that ever gets a degree no matter what the level or subject. Good luck with the job search and go celebrate with those that really matter as at least you will know everyone in the room! Cheers!

  2. Barbara Jackson

    Will there be a link that I can give to my family and friends that will not be in attendance at the commencement ceremony? I saw where it said there would be a live feed but is that link available now before we get there or when can we expect to give this link to those that want to celebrate from afar?