October 4, 2023

Relay for Life on the Gulf Coast

By Sonya D. Lavett

Cancer is one of those things that unfortunately touches the lives of so many throughout the entire world. While many survive this terrible disease, many others lose their hard-fought battle. What is left behind are the broken hearts of loved ones who also fought bravely until the very end.
The American Cancer Society (ACS) understands the devastating effects of cancer and has been leading the cause to end it for more than a century. From bringing more awareness to all of us, to hosting fundraising events that assist with research, to helping pass laws that have a direct impact on what preventive measures and screenings insurance companies are required to cover, ACS is in full swing to beat this disease.
On Saturday, September 24, the American Cancer Society will host a Relay for Life event in Gulf Shores, Alabama (101 Gulf Shores Parkway) to commemorate those lives touched by cancer. Families, friends, loved ones, neighbors, visitors, businesses and organizations are all invited to come out and participate from 2 until 8 p.m.
After opening ceremony, the survivor’s lap will take place where cancer survivors take the first lap around a track. The crowd cheers them on as they celebrate their proud victories over cancer. Next comes the caregiver’s lap; the caregivers of those with cancer certainly deserve to be honored for their love and dedication, as well. They may walk this lap with the individual(s) they have cared for, if present.
Once the sun begins to set on our beautiful beach, the luminaria ceremony begins. If you have never experienced this moving ritual, please make time to come out and see it for yourself. It is truly a sight to behold. This is the time when loved ones lost are remembered, those who currently have cancer are supported and those who fought cancer in the past are honored through the lighting of the luminaries.
The closing ceremony is time to reflect on the entire event, honor loved ones and get pumped up for the continued fight throughout the year. There is so much more to do.
The American Cancer Society will never stop working to find a cure and an end to cancer as we know it. Come out and show your support at the Relay for Life event in Gulf Shores, Ala. on September 24 or find an event in your community. Join us in the fight against cancer.