September 29, 2023

Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Nondiscrimination Policy

Columbia Southern University (CSU) affirms its commitment to promote the goals of fairness and equity in all aspects of the educational enterprise. All policies below are subject to CSU’s resolution process as detailed below.  When the responding party is a member of the CSU community, the resolution process is applicable regardless of the status of the reporting party who may be a member or non-member of the campus community, including students, student organizations, faculty, administrators, staff, guests, visitors, vendors, etc.

The Title IX Coordinator oversees implementation of CSU’s policy on equal opportunity, harassment, and nondiscrimination. The Title IX Coordinator acts with independence and authority free of conflicts of interest. To raise any concern involving a conflict of interest by the Title IX Coordinator, contact the University Chief Operating Officer (COO) at  To raise concerns regarding a potential conflict of interest with any other administrator involved in the resolution process, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at (251) 981-3771 ext. 1333 or

Reports of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation should be made using one of the following options:

  • If the discrimination or harassment occurs on campus, campus security should be contacted immediately at 251-981-3771 Ext. 1114.
  • If the discrimination or harassment occurs at a CSU sanctioned event, the event coordinator or law enforcement should be contacted immediately.
  • If the discrimination or harassment occurs in the classroom (including virtual classroom), the Title IX Coordinator should be contacted immediately.

In situations where sexual violence has occurred, it is strongly recommended that the victim seek immediate medical attention.

To review the full Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Nondiscrimination Policy, please continue here.