September 22, 2023

CSU Expands Writing Center With New English Language Learner Services

Combined with the day-to-day challenges of juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities, completing classes online can be a major undertaking for many students, especially if English isn’t their native language. For many CSU students, this is their situation.

For those who speak English fluently, studying and understanding the concepts within courses is the main focus. English language learners (ELL) must comprehend course concepts while also honing their writing skills; this is no simple task.

The goal of ELL Services, one of the newest additions to the CSU Writing and Math Center, is to become a valuable writing resource for ELL students at CSU. As a supplement to their existing coursework, ELL Services provides specific, targeted writing instruction to meet the unique needs of English language learners, supporting them throughout their time at CSU. ELL Services also offers additional tools including tutorials and exercises for students to improve their English skills. ELL students will be provided with paper evaluations, skill-specific tutorial(s) and individualized, recorded lessons to serve as a continuous learning resource throughout their courses and degree program.

How does it work? English language learners will be able to self-identify that English is not their primary language through multiple avenues:

  • Checking a box on their enrollment application
  • Checking a box on the Writing Center request form, which can be found within the MyCSU Student Portal
  • Informing a CSU staff member
  • Informing his or her course instructor
  • Reaching out directly to ELL Services within the Writing Center

Once a student self-identifies as a non-native English speaker, a member of the ELL Services team will reach out to them with more information on how to get started.

Learning the finer points of grammar rules, verb tenses and multiple exceptions to every rule when speaking the English language presents its own unique difficulties for English language learners. Learning to write academically brings a whole new meaning to the concept of self-study.

Thanks to ELL Services and the Writing Center, CSU students can be confident in knowing that they have the resources and support needed to hone their writing skills and accomplish their academic endeavors.

If you are an English language learner and would like to learn more about what this new department has to offer, email ELL Services at or call (800) 977-8449, ext. 6538.