September 22, 2023

Top 10 Online Job Hunting Tips

  1. Carve Out Time

Schedule at least 15 minutes a day to work on career-related material including a resume, cover letter or thank you notes. Also be sure to check job listings daily and update online networking profiles.

  1. Get Noticed

Completing your LinkedIn profile to 100 percent increases your search ranking and gives recruiters a good impression.

  1. Join LinkedIn Groups

Don’t only connect to individuals. Join LinkedIn groups related to CSU, professional organizations and career fields you want to join. Remember that every discussion you “like” or comment on is an opportunity to market yourself to recruiters. Keep in mind that most groups also contain a “Jobs” tab.

  1. Use Keywords

Review job postings and company profiles to make sure your profile is full of keywords that will attract attention. Social media profiles are appealing if they contain similar words and phrases as found in job descriptions, along with industry-specific verbiage, including action words and leadership terminology.

  1. Follow Companies

Use LinkedIn as a company research tool. When you see a position that you like on a job board, check out the LinkedIn company page and follow the company. Then, you will see that organizations activities on your own home page, which could alert you to potential opportunities.

  1. Utilize All Search Options

Although you might find a job on another site, LinkedIn can tell you how you are personally connected to that organization through your network. Use that connection to research people at the company.

  1. Reach Out

Don’t be shy when you receive connection requests. Everyone you know – family, friends, professors, neighbors – can serve as a connection and help you keep an eye out for a specific job you are seeking. Best yet, they might be able to introduce you to other targeted contacts.

  1. Be Persistent

Use social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to send follow-up messages. When you send someone a message through LinkedIn, a recruiter or hiring manager can click on your profile and check out your qualifications.

  1. Communicate

By regularly updating your status, you can better stay on people’s radar during your job search. Share links to articles, ”like” other people’s comments or statuses and pay attention to events that could have good career information.

  1. Use the LinkedIn Student Job Portal

You can access entry-level jobs and internships at some of the best companies worldwide using the LinkedIn student job portal.