September 29, 2023

Reaching Out to Your Team


Taking time to reach out to your team is most valuable.  I spend a lot of time with leaders and they all say they want to spend more time with their team but it is hard to find the time.  It does not mean that they don’t want to do it, but it is difficult to squeeze it in.

If you are a task-driven leader,  you might tend to have a harder time getting out of your office to visit.  If you are a relationship-based leader then you will find it is easier to get out among your group because you are more comfortable in small talk and dealing with people.

My day is filled with meetings but I make sure I schedule time to connect with my team.  I decided a while back to include this because it is just as important to spend time with staff as it is to have work meetings.  In the past I never thought of these types of meetings as work but getting to know your staff is all a part of leading and should be included in your day.

My dad was the best at getting into the hallways at work and being present in his staffs’ lives.  To this day he is still remembered by how he would just appear in your office, plop himself down in a chair and talk about anything you wanted.  Because he did that, people remember it and it made a difference to others.  I know for a fact it caused people to connect with my dad and feel very special.  Many say it made them work harder because he showed he cared for them.

So take time to stop and make an effort to get to know your staff.  Take them off to the side and check in on them and really get to know them.  Show them that you truly are interested in their lives and that by doing this, you will show them that you truly care.

Like my dad, you will always be remembered and might even get the “best boss award”.


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  1. Robert Freeland

    I remember your Dad doing just that. A very remarkable man whose caring and friendship meant a lot to not just me but others who got to know him. Glad you are carrying on the traditional and getting to know others as unique individuals too.