October 4, 2023

Rejoice in Change

Spring is the season for change!

High school graduates are moving off to college or their careers, many people are getting married and starting families and the plants and flowers around us are blooming

We go through changes in life so we can all relate to the excited, nervous feelings you get with a big change. All changes, as exciting as they are, come with stress. We get stressed because these changes force us to alter our lives. We have to take on new ideas and strategies to fit the changes into our lives.

But the good thing about change is it marks a season of growth in your life. We conquered the last chapter and we are now moving on.  We got used to how it felt and waking up every day doing the same things.  We had a system and a strategy while in this chapter.  It could have lasted for 12 years if it was high school or maybe even a long time job but now it is time to do something new.  We handled the ups and downs that life through at us during this chapter.  But as we transition to a new environment, there comes a level of uncertainty.
If you are passing from one big change to another, you are in the “in between.” You are excited about your future but you don’t have all the answers. But the best thing about this time, is that you aren’t expected to have the answers.  I encourage you to just keep moving yourself forward each day and discover this new journey.  Those days of being overwhelmed might come your way but it is how you handle those days when they do come that will make the difference.

But know this new chapter will be hard. I assure you it will be frustrating and scary but you can make it through. You will feel frustrated but excited at the same time.  I can remember when I would take a new project on at work.  I would get these mixed feelings.  I knew I could do it but also I was nervous that I could fail, as well. We must take that jump and just go for it and trust in ourselves.

But remember, you have gotten this far in life—you deserve to be here! I rely on my faith every day and trust in God that his plans are forming my life journey. But even if you are not religious, trust every day in your own abilities and your own experiences. You have made it to this next chapter for a reason. You can take anything life throws at you!