December 1, 2023

President’s Message – Spring Renewal

Dear Students and Alumni,

I hope this correspondence finds you embracing the wonderful spring season amid all the craziness of the transitioning weather. One day you can be basking in the warm sunshine and the next day have a snow shovel in your hand. Hang in there because summer is just around the corner.


In my last article, I mentioned we would be holding student and alumni networking socials in Tampa and Orlando. Both of these receptions had great attendance and were enjoyed by all. I want to mention a unique occurrence in Tampa. As our outreach representatives were ready to depart from the hotel, a gentlemen wearing a CSU golf shirt recognized the representatives, who were also wearing CSU shirts. He approached the representatives and informed them that he was a CSU alum and was in the area on business. Of course, he was quickly invited to join the team and attend the reception that night. It just goes to show that you never know when you may run into a CSU student or alumni. With a student body of 28,000 and alumni of 43,000, CSU students and alumni are just about everywhere!


We also recently conducted another reception in Washington, DC in conjunction with the 90th Annual Distance Education Accrediting Council (DEAC) Conference. I truly enjoyed being able to spend the evening meeting so many of our students, alumni and their families. Just as importantly, I am always amazed at the resilience of the individuals who have chosen CSU and to hear their stories of success. Hearing success stories and your dedication to CSU energizes me to continue to push our university forward. Our next receptions will be in the Lone Star State May 17-19, 2016. Be sure to go to our website for more information on times and locations.


As many of you may already have heard, I am happy to announce that the Doctor of Business Administration program is being opened up for new enrollments. In 2014, the university made the decision that the program would enter a teach-out phase. Since then, program administrators initiated many new strategies to assist students through the program.  These strategies were more successful than expected, which has resulted in this decision. On that note, new students who wish to apply for the DBA program may begin to do so on April 18, 2016 with courses beginning in Term 1A17, July 6, 2016. We are excited to add the DBA program and to watch the continued success of those currently in the program and  those who will begin their DBA journey soon.

CSU continues to evolve every day. Through the dedication of our staff and the resilience of our students and alumni, success knows no boundaries. I am excited about the many initiatives we are incorporating to make our university a symbol of excellence in education and exceptional service. I thank you for your continued support.

God bless,