September 27, 2023

National Volunteer Week

Volunteering is a great way to get involved, meet new people and even gain new experience. At CSU, we love to honor volunteer work done in communities all around the country and that is why we are excited to celebrate National Volunteer Week.

For some, volunteering is something they have done since childhood or adolescence. Working in an environment or for a cause that you are passionate about can make you feel so good! For others, volunteering began later in life, maybe as an outlet from the day-to-day or a way to build deeper connections with those around you.

The employees of CSU love to get involved in the community in various ways, including the Feeding the Gulf Coast Backpack program.  We know how it feels to give back to those around you and use your gifts and talents for a greater good.

If you think you would like to start volunteering but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Adopt a Neighbor: Is there someone in your neighborhood who doesn’t get a lot of company or may need an extra set of hands from time to time? Offer to maintain a standing date to help them with various tasks, chores, and errands to lighten their load and brighten their day.
  2. Assemble and Send Military Care Packages: There are so many wonderful organizations that you can go through to send care packages to active duty military, veterans and wounded service members. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note of gratitude for their service!
  3. Visit a Nursing Home or Hospital: Residents of nursing homes or long-term patients at the hospital love seeing new, friendly faces! There is always someone to talk to or a job that needs done. Whether you want to “adopt” a grandparent, play music for residents, clean, or do something else around the facility, most places would be happy to see a happy person who is willing to help. Call places in your area to get information on how to begin as a volunteer.
  4. Volunteer at a Local Library or Museum: Places that make your community what it is need caring locals to help keep the doors open. Volunteering at a local monument may even build your adoration for the town in which you live.
  5. Donate Your Skills to a Nonprofit: Are you a social media guru or accounting whiz? Nonprofit organizations will be very thankful of the benefits that you could provide through donating your time and skills..

Volunteering doesn’t have to be grand or even very time consuming. As long as you are donating your time in order to help someone else, you are on the right track. So, if volunteering isn’t already a part of your routine, maybe this National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to find a volunteer project that is just right for you.

Have you found a great volunteer project and want to share it with us? Email to tell us about it!