September 27, 2023

CSU Poetry Contest

The Rainbow in Her Eyes

By: Lester Darris

Lester Darris

Two shining stars,

God’s gift to me.

Her hugs, my heart it heals,

Her smile I long to see.

The rainbow in her eyes,

For her the song bird sings.

Deep in my mind,

In the winter, she’s my spring.

Separated by miles,

My child, I miss her still.

Our paths I pray to meet,

Imagine the love we feel.


Except from:  Lester Darris, “Diary of a Heart.” Lester Darris, 2013 iBooks.

“Copyright © 2011,2009,1988 by Lester Darris”



Having Kids

By: Darnell Davis

One thing about having kids

Darnell - toddler bed

Discussions often start with “who dids.”

As parents we often wonder and would love to see

That mystical person “not me.”

Crayon marks on all of the walls

Shoes and toys cluttering the halls.

That melted Hershey bar

In the back seat of the car.

Kids laugh hysterically at the word “fart”

But all in all, they steal your heart.



By: Brittany Gibson

There you are, old friend! I’ve been missing you.

It’s been so long since you’ve passed by, I was wondering if you had forgotten about me.

But I knew you would never forget about me! We go back way too long.


Do you remember when I was 3? You were there.

We weren’t well acquainted yet; that would take a few years.

You are always there with me.

In my room at my desk, in my bed, on the floor.

Sometimes we even went outside. In the woods, on the grass, in a tree or by the lake.

I knew you’d remember! How could you forget?

I wish you could stay here all the time, but I know you can’t. Other people need you, too.

They need to write and paint and sing and do all the things you help them do.

But that’s okay. I love it when you drop by – even when you come unannounced.

Don’t leave! Stay a little longer. Wait, come back!