March 26, 2023

Springing Forward at CSU

Dear Students and Alumni,

I hope you are all looking forward to Spring. It is a great time of year and one of the best parts is more daylight hours in the evening. I don’t think any of us like losing that hour of sleep, but once adjusted it is well worth it. Spring break visitors are already coming to the Alabama Gulf Coast and hopefully we will have plenty of warm weather for everyone to enjoy.

In continuation of my article last month, I want to further share about relationships and their importance to us at CSU. On Feb. 27, we had a wonderful student and alumni reception in Orange Beach to bring together members of the Gulf Coast Alumni Chapter. Two attendees in particular, had graduated from a Mobile, Alabama area high school in 1982. Both were now alumni of CSU and our reception was the first time the pair had seen each another since they graduated high school. Likewise, another alumna who came with her son shared with us how she had referred three other students to CSU. In fact, the very first student she referred to us was also at the event. Needless to say, the Orange Beach reception was truly about connecting.

We hope the connecting and relationship building continues as we conduct our Florida Blitz the first week of April. Our Corporate Outreach team will be visiting our learning partners in both the Orlando and Tampa areas, while our Student and Alumni Engagement team will be hosting student and alumni receptions in both areas as well. We can’t wait to hear more stories like we did in Orange Beach.

Finally, another way that we connect is through our Continuing Education Department. Over the last few years we have developed many great relationships with associations and learning partners where we provide conference management, assign continuing education units (CEU’s) for training, and assist with identifying and securing speakers. Additionally, we have developed many worthwhile continuing education opportunities that include face-to-face training, online courses, as well as webinars. This continues to be an exciting and great way for CSU to further meet the needs of its active students and alumni beyond their degree. I encourage you to visit our website to learn more. We will be adding more courses each year.

In closing, I want to reference the works of John Maxwell. He mentions on many occasions that the key to leadership is in direct proportion to relationships. Our desire of fostering healthy relationships is so we can continue associating and producing some of the top leaders that represent CSU and our values.


Robert Mayes


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