September 22, 2023

Eliminate the Turbulence of Booking your next Flight!

Flying can be stressful, and whether it’s for business or for pleasure, these tips can help make booking your next flight a lot less turbulent!

Shop Early:  Booking your transportation and lodging reservations needs to be your number one priority once you decide on the date and destination of your next trip!  By avoiding last minute reservations, you are allowing yourself time to shop around for the best airline prices.  Early morning and late afternoon flights are usually less expensive and Tuesday afternoon seems to be the best time to shop.

Be Flexible:  There are a lot of factors that go into planning a vacation; scheduling your dates of travel is usually the most important.  It helps to be flexible with your departure and return dates because some airline companies will suggest alternate travel dates to try and get you the lowest fares.  This option is available on most of the major booking sites!  For example:  You are pricing a flight and your departure and arrival dates are set.  The airline company will show you the price of the flight using the parameters you have set, but will suggest you leave on an alternative date because the flight is forty dollars cheaper.  If your dates are flexible, you could be saving serious cash on the cost of your airline tickets!

Set up Price Alerts:  All major booking sites have a “Price Alert” option!  A “Price Alert” will send an email alert regarding your pre-chosen flight.  The alert will tell you whether the cost of the flight has gone up or down, and it will suggest when it’s a good time to buy or to wait for the price to drop.  This tool can be very helpful and can save you the hassle of checking the airline sites every day.  It is important to remember that frequently searching for a specific flight shows the airline company that there is a demand for that flight.  Deleting you cookies after you search can help keep the demand down, as well as the cost.

While flying can be stressful, if you utilize the tips above to book your next flight, you are sure to have a less turbulent experience planning your next trip!