September 22, 2023

Alumni in the News | March 2016

New Chief Safety Officer Appointed at Shafer, Kline & Warren
Mason Brooks, previously in the Coast Guard and Navy Reserve, has been appointed as the new chief safety officer for Shafer, Kline & Warren out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mason brings seven years of law enforcement experience, ten years of safety experience, and ten years of oil and gas industry experience to his new role. He earned his B.S. in occupational safety and health from Columbia Southern University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in organizational leadership.


New Fire Marshal Hired in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Travis Solomon, former deputy state marshal, has been selected as fire marshal for the Oak Ridge Fire Department. For the past 13 years, his focus has been on safety codes for all of the facilities on campus at University of Tennessee. Solomon received his B.S. in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University and continues to serve as a HazMat Instructor for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.


Mooresville Hires New Police Chief
Mooresville Police Department in North Carolina announced that Damon Williams has been named as the new police chief. He will begin his new role April 4. Williams has served with the Tarboro Police Department as police chief for the past four years and has worked with a variety of other police departments since 2005. He earned his MBA with a concentration in Public Administration from Columbia Southern University.


WPCS Hires New General Manager to Grow Dallas Operations
Daniel Stringer was recently hired as general manager for WPCS International Incorporated, which is a communications and security organization. Stringer’s work will be conducted in Dallas. He has more than ten years of operational management under his belt and is Six Sigma certified. Stringer earned his B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University.


Anchorage Assembly Member Tries to Reason with Alaskan Legislators Regarding Tax Increases
Amy Demboski, Anchorage Assembly member, is taking time to meet with Alaskan legislators face-to-face to ask for meaningful budget cuts before taxes are increased at the local and state levels. Between increased property taxes, increased sales taxes, and a proposed income tax, Demboski has crunched the numbers and understands the financial hardship that so many families already face. She is asking state legislators to be reasonable with budget cuts to avoid an economic disaster in the state of Alaska. Demboski earned her MBA with a concentration in finance from Columbia Southern University.