December 1, 2023

The President’s Message | February 2016

Dear Students and Alumni,

Hopefully this message finds you well-recovered and rested from the holidays of December and January. I find it takes a little while for me to truly get back into the full swing of things; however, once we get rolling at CSU, we operate at full speed to meet goals and objectives in order to make your experience with us the best it can be.

On that note, I couldn’t think of a better month than February to acknowledge the value that CSU places on relationships. They are truly what we have based our success on. When we began this journey in 1993 with my father and CSU founder, Dr. Robert Mayes, my family knew if we were going to be successful, we needed to offer an excellent education and personal experience to foster relationships with our students, motivating them to share their experience with others. To this day, referrals remain our best source of new students in terms of quality and quantity.

Relationships have also been important to us in regards to the industries we serve, including the occupational safety and health professionals, fire and emergency services, law enforcement, and human resource professionals. We have grown our learning partnerships in these areas and have expanded our ability to support and be included in these professions, all through building relationships.

But, building is only the beginning. We continue to cultivate our relationships by staying involved in the industries and professions we serve and reaching out to our partners on a regular basis. Over the past year, we have really worked hard to keep our students and alumni engaged through the launch of additional services, associations and receptions, with more to come this year.

We believe that offering exceptional service leads to strong relationships. Whether it’s sending a note of congratulations to a student on an achievement they have accomplished or, unfortunately, a note of condolence to public safety departments on the loss of brave emergency responders, it’s the little things that are big to us.

This year, while we continue to grow and operate in a corporate world, we have made the commitment to put a stronger emphasis on recognizing, fostering and celebrating our relationships with everyone who makes us who we are, and that is CSU!

Robert Mayes



    1. Claire Stewart

      Lorenzo, CSU has started the process of seeking regional accreditation while also maintaining DEAC accreditation. This is a long process that can span over many years and involves many steps and approvals. As with any institution and accreditation, there are no guarantees to the final outcome and students should only base enrollment decisions on CSU as it is currently.