December 1, 2023

Alumni News Roundup – February 2016

Abingdon Fire Department Appoints Full-Time Fire Chief
Abingdon Fire Department’s Chief John McCormick will transition from part-time to full-time on March 1. Chief McCormick has served with the Abingdon Fire Department since the age of 14, where he began as a volunteer. Chief McCormick is currently earning his BS in fire science administration from Columbia Southern University. This is Abingdon’s first full-time fire chief position.


Award-Winning U.S. Department of the Treasury Employee Mentors Youth
Shanna L. Travis spends her days providing expertise and mentoring in the Office of Financial Research at the U.S. Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C. to whom? As the adviser to the deputy director and chief technology officer, Travis spends much of her time doing program management and development, leadership development, and succession planning. Travis also serves as chair of a service to youth program committee where she mentors young women ages 9 to 18 in the pursuit of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), health and financial literacy. She is a 2013 Becoming Everything You Are (BEYA) Modern-Day Technology Leader. Among other degrees, Travis received her MBA with a concentration in public administration from Columbia Southern University.


DeKalb County Names Conroy as Police Chief
James Conroy was recently named police chief for the DeKalb County Police Department. Before his promotion, Conroy served as DeKalb County’s interim police chief for two years. Conroy grew up in DeKalb County and has been with the DeKalb Police Department for the past 24 years. He received his BS in criminal justice administration from Columbia Southern University.


Hayes Published in Firehouse Magazine
Billy D. Hayes wrote A New Skill Set” for Firehouse Magazine that was published on Feb. 1. In the article, Hayes addresses the need for fire professional leaders to understand evolving communication styles while working alongside millennial colleagues. Hayes earned his BS in organizational leadership from Columbia Southern University.


Weinburger Published in Human Resource Management Research
Chad Weinburger authored a paper outlining the connection between online job searching and the strength of veteran relationships. The article, “Social Media Job Searches and the Strength of Veteran Ties”, was published in the Human Resource Management Research Journal in 2015. Weinburger received his DBA from Columbia Southern University.