September 21, 2023

Finding Your Rhythm

Since the start of the new year, I have been working on balancing work and life.  Since I was 19 years old, I have worked with my parents in their company. In those early days we stayed in a survival mode–not sure if we would make it from week to week. As a result of this lifestyle,  I found myself always on edge and stressed.  Basically, I was always out of rhythm.  When you are trying to survive, it takes all you have. You have no rhythm to your routine because you are reactionary, acting on the events of the day. After 25 years of this, I still find myself in this rhythm of chaos,which I brought mostly on myself.  I seemed to have never gotten out of that mentality of pushing so hard.  It started affecting my life in more than one way.  Iwork-balance found myself always on an anxiety level which caused stomach and digestion issues for many years.  But now, since my rhythm has been found, I am well and happier than ever!

I am an A type personality or if you are aware of the Disc profile, I am a solid D on that scale.  I am always going after something to achieve.  Now, that can be good in some ways and terrible in others if it is not put in balance.  I think whatever personality you are, if you are too far one way or the other, you might find yourself off rhythm or out of balance.

Since I have worked on this, it has changed my life.  My work life is more balanced and peaceful.  Actually, when I find that balance, I am better to work with and can think more clearly.  At home, I feel better and I have more patience.  I now don’t allow work to drive me but I drive my work.

Let’s get you in rhythm in January! Make this your priority.

How to get in your rhythm:

  1. Listen to your body. Know the signs of being too stressed or overwhelmed.  Knowing your limits is the fist step.  I would just allow myself to stay in a constant stress mode and never come out of that rhythm.  Once I learned that my body can not handle this over time I began to realize when I am getting close to going out of balance or rhythm I then pull myself out of it and stay in that calm place.
  2. Learn not to take on too many responsibilities whether they are at work, at church, or volunteering. Know your limits and stick to them to stay balanced.
  3. Compare your life to music. Visualize the rhythm of your favorite music. Ask yourself, am I constant and flowing  melody or a song that changes tempo every few minutes? Are you consistent in your actions or are you jumping from one project to another? I would often catch myself in a fast rhythm that I couldn’t keep up with.  I could handle it for a few weeks then ultimately burn out and crash.  Work became something I disliked and didn’t enjoy at all.  I would think, “If I drive myself to get projects done in a lightning speed then I could really make success come my way.”  Your rhythm is your pace when you are productive, healthy and mentally sharp. Staying in that rhythm is the ultimate key to success in many areas of your life.
  4. Understand delegation and allow others to come alongside of you to help will be your first step in finding your rhythm.  Often times we take on projects and think we must do them all by ourselves.  I found the fastest way to find my rhythm was to start using others that might be better than me at projects.  As I began to let go, I found so much freedom and a new rhythm in my life.  I started coming home feeling accomplished and energized from my day.