September 29, 2023

Chief Brunacini Leadership Retreat and Company Officer Academy

Brunacini Leadership Retreat-
The Alan Brunacini Fire-Rescue Leadership Institute is proud to offer the Chief Brunacini Leadership Retreat hosted by Columbia Southern University. This “Hawaiian Shirt Boot Camp” for chief officers introduces attendees to an array of case studies and personal experiences by some of our top nation’s fire service leaders. Roundtable discussions and presentations led by America’s most renowned fire chief, Alan Brunacini, are designed to prepare individuals for their journey through fire and rescue leadership. Individuals in chief or company officer positions will benefit greatly from the years of experience offered by Chief Brunacini and his team.

When: January 28-30, 2016

Where: Alabaster Municipal Complex- Metro Birmingham
1953 Municipal Way
Alabaster, AL 35007

Cost: $495

For more information or to register, visit Contact Tori Holland | | 800.977.8449 ext. 1357

Company Officer Academy-
The program “The Company Officer Academy” is the result of numerous requests and discussions the chiefs have had with chief and company officers across the nation concerning company officer training and preparedness. Many departments simply promote a new company officer and send them to a new assignment with no formal training. This often results in creating a more stressful and challenging situation for the new officer and the unit.


Chiefs Salka and Lasky have designed a dynamic multi-day program that addresses the many skills and abilities that company officers need in order to be effective in the firehouse and on the fireground.

When: February 23-25, 2015

Where: Georgetown Fire Department

474 North Street

Georgetown, MA 01833

Time: 8am-5pm


Basic- $175
CSU Students, Alumnus, Learning Partner- $150

Designed For: New Company Officers – Current Officers – Future Officers

Chiefs Lasky and Salka have decades of experience as chiefs and company officers and have handled many of the difficult and challenging situations that you are likely to face at some point in your fire service future. They will explain some of the myths concerning performance evaluations and discipline and how to get a handle on your daily firehouse routine. Join them as they guide you through the challenges you will face tomorrow with concepts and solutions that have served them well. The success of a company officer on the fireground is often determined by his or her success as a leader in the firehouse. This is where the rubber meets the road!

For more information or to register, visit Contact Tori Holland | | 800.977.8449 ext. 1357