September 21, 2023

Utilizing Your Gifts

Since it is the season for giving, I wanted to talk about gifts today.
Understanding your gifts or talents is crucial in the walk of life.  If we don’t understand our God-given gifts, we then begin to lose who we really are and we do not recognize the talents we have to give back to the world.

For years, I was always trying too hard to measure up.  I often discounted the few talents I had as small and unhelpful to benefit my company.  This mindset effected my confidence causing me to always come short of the goals I had set for myself.  Even though I had gifts that were truly making a difference, I could not see where they were benefiting the company.  Many times I would begin to compare myself to others, noticing talents they might have and hoping I could obtain that talent. Maybe then, I could measure up.  I thought I always had to be good at everything which constantly caused me to hold myself to this unreachable goal that I had made up just for me.

Then one day this all changed.  I started liking what gifts I had to offer and understanding where I fit in with a team.  We all have different gifts and finding your spot, and then becoming valuable right where you are with what you have to offer, is the jackpot.  As I did this, my confidence about my gifts soared.  I realized I am good at many things and to appreciate those gifts.  I begin to like who I was and most importantly,I accepted myself.  My stress level went down immediately.  I had put so much pressure on myself to measure up to an expectation I had created in the first place!  What a day that was for me!  I saw my gifts for truly what they were and found confidence in them.  How can anyone else appreciate you and your gifts if you first can not appreciate them?

How to Use Your Gifts for Betterment of the World:

1-Identify your gifts by writing them out on a paper.

2-Like who you are and what you have to offer.

3-Believe and be confident in YOU!

4-Accept where you are now and make new goals for your future achievements

Again, I want to encourage you to not get in a trap of always comparing yourself to others.  Make this day a new day and start liking you and all you have to offer!



  1. Raymond G. DeRienzo Jr.

    I often find myself questioning who I am, what I am doing, and where I should be in this life. Finding answers to these questions seems overwhelming at times as it feels as though I have no guidance, direction, or self-confidence to obtain the answers. I pray daily and ask GOD to give me the guidance, direction, and self-confidence I need to be able to see where I’ve been, understand that where I am now is where I’m suppose to be, and to be able to see into the future. I have realized that GOD has me where HE wants me and is using me in my current position to fulfill some task or responsibility that HE wants filled. Only when that void is filled is when I will be able to move ahead so, until then, I’ve made the best with what I have and will perform to the highest of standards, which is what GOD would want me to do, and when the time comes for me to advance, HE will open the doors and allow it to happen. That’s the guidance, direction, and self-confidence I need to continue where I am and have hope for the future. I close with this, “Inspiration from others inspires others”.