September 27, 2023

New Art Courses to Replace AR 1010

The College of Arts and Sciences has recently introduced Art Appreciation I (ART 1301) and Art Appreciation II (ART 1302) to the curriculum. Students in these courses will explore an array of artwork and the course can be taken to satisfy the general education requirements of Arts/Humanities. These more robust courses will replace AR 1010 – Art Appreciation (AR 1010). Effective February 9, 2016, which coincides with the last day of registration for Term 4A16, AR 1010 will no longer be an option for enrollment. Students who wish to experience Art Appreciation will have the option of registering for ART 1301 or ART 1302. Students who may need to register for AR 1010 while it remains available will be contacted by the Office of the Registrar for enrollment instructions. Students may also contact their academic advisor for degree planning.