October 4, 2023
Policy Updates

Enrollment Enhancement

Columbia Southern University (CSU) is excited to announce an enhancement that will be made to the current enrollment process for existing students enrolled in graduate programs.  The new “Auto Enrollment” feature will allow students to be routinely enrolled into courses outlined on their Degree Advisement Plan.  By utilizing this new feature, the need to complete and submit the online enrollment agreement will be eliminated!  The process will be seamless.  Please note: normal processing times, as well as payment and enrollment requirements, will still apply.

Below, you will find some FAQ’s about the Auto Enrollment feature that will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have:

  1. How can I elect to utilize the Auto Enrollment option?
  • Log into the myCSU Student Portal, click on “My Account,” “My Preferences,” “Auto Enrollment Options”
  • Select the Auto Enrollment option when submitting an online enrollment within the myCSU Student Portal
  • Your Academic Advisor or a Student Support Specialist can assist you with selecting this option
  1. What will Auto Enrollment require of me?
  • Auto Enrollment will require you to stay in close contact with your Academic Advisor. Since your Auto Enrollment is based off of your Degree Advisement Plan, it will be necessary to ensure that your Degree Advisement Plan is set up with courses that work best for you and your schedule.
  1. If I choose to utilize this new feature, when will the enrollment be created each time?
  • For students enrolled in the Term option, a new enrollment will be submitted for processing in the 4th week of each term.
  • For students enrolled in the LifePace Learning option, a new enrollment will be submitted for processing the day after the grade posts for the student’s current course.
  1. Will the Auto Enrollment be processed right away?
  • Students will receive an email confirmation as normal when the enrollment is submitted.  The student will have the option to reject the enrollment within 5 days, if needed.  If the enrollment is not rejected within this timeframe, it will be submitted for processing.

CSU plans to introduce this feature to all other degree levels in the upcoming months.  Communication will be sent out at that time with further information.

Please reach out to your Academic Advisor if you have any questions regarding this exciting enhancement!




  1. Kevin Blann

    Looks like a great enhancement, being new to the system my input is limited at this time. Hopefully later I will be able add more information on its benefits.

  2. Abrillya Porter aka A-Tequila Scott-Porter (FB)

    This is a great idea. Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting to register or having to call my Advisor to do so. This is great!!!! Now I’m going to trying it to see how it works…SEE YOU AT ENROLLMENT!!!! #ThreeMoreClassesToGo #CanYouSatExcited

    1. Sonya Lavett

      Hi Justin! It is wonderful to hear that you are ready to pursue your master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. I will email you with contact information of an admissions counselor and also let them know that you are anticipating their call. Best of luck to you as you approach the next step in your educational journey with CSU!