December 1, 2023

Wanderlust Series

by Amanda Manjone

Sitting in your office or cubicle, often times far from a window even though you are sure the sun is shining cheerfully, can often cause feelings of unrest. Here at Columbia Southern University, we are minutes from the beautiful white sand beaches and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where vacationers enjoy our relaxed atmosphere throughout the year. For us, this can make coming to the office a bit more challenging!

Attending a work lunch, surrounded by others in flip-flops and enjoying tropical beverages can sometimes be a cruel tease. Since we cannot all travel the world year around, we are here to bring travels to you!

Wanderlust is a new series where we explore a part of the world where you, our students and alumni, live and work! We are all proud of where we live and we encourage you to share your hometown with the CSU family! In the coming weeks, we will start right here where CSU calls home and then explore cities and towns across the world that may just inspire you to pack a bag and hop on a plane!

Happy travels!

Savannah-Sonya Lavett

Germany- Joshua McGinnis