December 6, 2023

Back into the School Routine

Dear Students and Alumni,

August is already here and it is back-to-school season. My three children returned to school on August 12; one starting kindergarten, one beginning middle school, and one now in his last year of high school. I know many of you also have children starting back to school this month, or maybe you even a child going off to college. No matter the age, it is an exciting month full of change.

While Columbia Southern University does not operate on a typical school semester schedule, we still encourage our students to take this time to adopt some new or revisited study habits and a new frame of mind. This may be the perfect time to speak to a success specialist in the CSU Success Center to brush up on any writing or math skills, or change your studying time or scenery if you need something new to keep you going strong in your courses.

Some of you may not know this, but the average CSU student is in their mid-thirties. This means that most of you are supporting your families, working jobs, and maybe either looking to jumpstart a new career or receive a promotion in your current career. We want to see you succeed in whatever your goals are and provide all of our students and alumni the most valuable resources. One of the ways we are able to do this is through our Career Services department. Our attentive career development counselors are available to assist you with career search and networking resources, resume writing help, and interview skills. To set up an appointment with Career Services, email or call 877-297-6192.

Another great thing about our students and alumni is that they all come from unique and interesting places! Everyone’s hometown has a story and each person has at least a few reasons why their town is special to them. Over the coming weeks in the Communicator, we will be featuring students and alumni who will introduce us to their hometown in a series we are calling “Wanderlust.” A wanderlust is a person with a strong, irresistible desire to travel the world. I know you will enjoy learning about different places all over the world and I hope you even find a place to add to your list of must-see locations.

A great benefit of attending CSU is our low tuition rates combined with textbooks provided at no cost. An upcoming development at CSU that we are all very excited about is the introduction of more eTextbooks. Beginning in term 3B16, several more of our courses will transition from Loan-a-Book and book grants to eTextbooks. There are several benefits of this transition, including immediate delivery, digital storage, and better interaction. To learn more about eTextbooks and the ongoing plan to use this technology, please read this article by Dr. John Hope, director of Instructional Design and Technology.

I hope this month allows you time to have a fresh start with your studies and other areas of your life. As always, you are a valued member of the CSU family and we are grateful for you.


God bless,

Robert Mayes