September 27, 2023

eTextbooks at CSU

Columbia Southern University (CSU) is committed to helping you achieve your goals through affordable education by offering a tuition that fits your budget and providing textbooks at no cost to you. CSU is also dedicated to providing exceptional academic services, which includes the use of appropriate technology in the delivery of our online programs. eTextbooks are a solution that helps make these core values possible.

One of the largest expenses CSU incurs every year is the cost of textbooks. eTextbooks allow CSU to control costs, continue to provide textbooks at no cost to you and keep tuition rates low.

In addition, eTextbooks offer a number of benefits that improve your educational experience. For example, eTextbooks are delivered immediately to your computer or other mobile device. Another benefit is that eTextbooks are stored digitally, eliminating the need to carry around large textbooks or book bags. eTextbooks are also interactive and contain audio, video and animations, which can enhance the learning experience. You have the ability to search for specific topics in a much quicker manner than with traditional text. Finally, if you desire, you are able to print your textbook or order a “print-on-demand” bound copy of the text for a small fee.

Of course, we understand moving to digital textbooks requires an adjustment. As such, the eTextbook program has been implemented with small groups of courses, and we are now gradually introducing them into more courses. Starting in November, several more of our courses will utilize eTextbooks instead of the Loan-a-Book or Book Grant programs. Students will be informed prior to finalizing their enrollment if they have selected an eTextbook course.

By clicking on the following link, you will have the opportunity to view several video tutorials that will demonstrate what you can expect when utilizing eTextbooks:

Once again, thank you for your feedback and for choosing Columbia Southern University.