December 1, 2023

Transition from Turnitin to SafeAssign

The pursuit of an education is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, consisting of reading, writing, and submission of assignments. The originality of one’s work is a demonstration that the course concepts and objectives can be applied in a cohesive and practical manner.

Currently, Columbia Southern University (CSU) utilizes Turnitin software to indicate the originality of assignments. During the next several months, CSU will transition from Turnitin to SafeAssign, a Blackboard component that provides an originality report similar to Turnitin. SafeAssign offers numerous features that will assist in evaluation of submissions and assignment of grades.

During this period, the Turnitin Originality Pre-Check Tool, which allows students to check the originality of work prior to submitting for review, will still be available. Once SafeAssign is fully implemented, students will begin to use the pre-check tool provided by SafeAssign. The procedures for submitting an originality pre-check will remain the same.

Please reach out to your faculty member with any questions concerning SafeAssign.


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