September 22, 2023

Exciting Regional Growth at CSU

Dear Students and Alumni,

I hope your summer is off to a great start. The Alabama Gulf Coast is already busy with visiting families from all parts of the Southeast.

June is National Safety Month. As Columbia Southern University is one of the leading educators of safety professionals and first responders across the country, occupational safety and health is very important to us and our student body. This month we recognize the occupational safety and health professionals for their work and dedication.

We are proud that our OSH degree programs meet the requirements of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. If this is a program you would like to learn more about, I encourage you to visit our website or contact our Academic Advising Center at 800-977-8449 Ext. 6518.

June is also a time to honor the fathers and father figures in our lives for Father’s Day on June 21. I am proud of the legacy my father left through Columbia Southern University and the hard work and dedication he put into creating a successful experience for our students. I also know that many of you are fathers, working hard to complete your education, provide for your families and better their lives. We at CSU are very proud of your accomplishments and want to do all we can to make your time at CSU as positive as possible.

A big development at CSU this year has been the creation of regional alumni chapters in conjunction with our Alumni Association. The first regional chapter has been established in Atlanta and currently has more than 130 members. A regional chapter allows our alumni to network with one another, participate in events planned by their chapter and further their connection with their Alma Mater.

On June 27, we will be traveling to Atlanta to celebrate these charter members, as well as hold a student and alumni event. CSU Vice President of University Relations, Billy Hayes, will present the chapter members with the official charter document.

While Atlanta is the first chapter of its kind, it is certainly not the last for CSU. We have begun the process to establish regional chapters in Pensacola/Mobile, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, Columbus, Richmond, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Chicago. If you would like more information on how to join the Alumni Association or any of these regional chapters after graduation, visit

I hope that June has started your summer off right and you are able to take some time to spend with loved ones. If you happen to come to the Gulf Coast, I hope you stop by and visit your University.


God Bless,
Robert Mayes



  1. Chuck Montgomery

    I love the staff at CSU and look forward to coming to my live graduation there in 18 months after my 55th birthday. Our Daughter just finished medical school now it is our turn.

    Look forward to meeting you Robert

  2. Gary Moulder

    I was pursuing my first masters degree in Environmental Engineering in 1996 and needed to discuss some matters on the phone in Pennsylvania with the staff in Alabama. Just before I concluded my discussion with a woman in the administration department she said,” Dr Mayes would like to speak with you, if you have a few minutes. Is that OK?” “You mean Dr. Mayes, as in the University President?”I asked. A minute later, I was speaking to Dr. Robert Mayes, President of CSU. He was so exciting to talk to and very curious about my career plans and my work with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He kept saying how interesting my work was. We talked for about 15 minutes and I think it would have been longer if I didn’t have to leave for my car pool! I have always remembered that special conversation with a great man. He really and truly cared about the students at CSU. Your father was a great man who started a great University! I am so glad I had the privilege to speak with him.