September 27, 2023

What Does Legacy Mean To You?

I am hearing so much about legacy lately.  From sermons to TV interviews, it seems legacy is a topic that is here to stay.  I have even written about it more than once. I just can’t get away from this word.

Legacy is not only about your past, but your future. What you do with your future is most important. I lucky enough to be in education and get to see many people making education a part of their legacy.  

Education can be passed down to generations and inspiring family to also allow it to be apart of their lives. I once heard a man speaking at a conference and it forever changed my life. He said, “Legacy is like a will. If you leave something in your will to pass down, then you have a will. But if you don’t leave something to pass down, then your will is empty.”

Legacy is the same. What are you leaving for future generations? For your family? Look into your family and grab the legacy they have passed down to you or make a new legacy like many do with education.  

Pursue your legacy.

~ Chantell