September 21, 2023

Q&A with CSU Staff: Vicki Barnes &Theresa Enfinger

CSU has the benefit of employing many unique individuals throughout the university. Two women that stand out in terms of their tireless work in the community are Vicki Barnes and Theresa Enfinger. Their dedication to Relay for Life has been demonstrated through the enthusiasm they show year after year as they participate in this valuable cause.

Vicki Barnes is a one-woman team as director of community relations; however, she clarifies this by saying, “everyone that works at CSU is pretty much in my department because volunteerism comes from everyone involved. I build the relationships with our partners within the community, but it’s everyone else on my team that contributes to the cause.” The work put forth clearly takes a team effort.

Vicki and Theresa both know all about team work. Vicki played city league co-ed softball from the time she was a teenager until she was about 30 years old. Theresa coached youth city league soccer for 16 years. She said, “to see those kids that I coached grow up and do well in soccer, from the time they were seven years old and we have even gone and watched them play at the college level, that experience is really important to me.”

Theresa, a military spouse whose family experienced living abroad in Germany and Italy, considered those years a memorable cultural experience for her and her two boys, Ricky and Ty. Theresa enjoyed the slow pace of Italy and sees the value in that, stating that she wishes we could bring back some of the leisurely lifestyle to the U.S. She said, “The culture in Italy is so slowed down, you actually have the time to enjoy yourself and your family more. People will visit one another and have a real conversation without the distractions of TV’s and cell phones.”

Each of these ladies has an abundance of volunteerism experience, and coincidentally, both began volunteering during childhood. They were not aware at the time how their unique experiences would foster the desire to continue serving in their communities later on.

Vicki has been Relaying for Life for more than thirteen years; a fellow CSU staff member initially asked her about relaying. Vicki researched the American Cancer Society, located the Orange Beach team, and joined the committee. “It’s a good community event, a lot of comradery. Plus, not only that, the American Cancer Society what they do with research dollars and some of the services that they offer, it is just a great organization to partner with.”

Theresa has been with the Alabama Gulf Coast Relay team for four years, but has also participated in other Relay for Life events for the past 10 years, before joining the CSU committee. She definitely plans to keep on participating. Theresa has cancer on both sides of her family, so this is a cause that is very close to her heart. Her first encounter with cancer occurred when she was 10 years old and her grandmother contracted the disease.

Both Theresa and Vicki were presented with 2014 Outstanding Leadership Awards by Devonna Johnson, Community Manager for Relay for Life, Mid-South Division of Mobile in March. The plaques display the “Finish the Fight” logo. These women are working tirelessly through Relay for Life to “Finish the Fight” every day. CSU is proud to have Vicki and Theresa on our team.



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