October 4, 2023

Military Wife & Mother Follows Passions, Achieves Goals

Amanda Novacek understands the unpredictability of life.

Five years ago, she had her sights set on law school. After marrying her husband and having two children, she realizes her life may not have gone exactly as planned, but it certainly changed for the better. Being able to raise her family and still attend school is the optimum situation for Amanda. What better opportunity to continue pursuing her passion in a field that she loves?

As the proud recipient of the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship, Amanda is currently pursuing her master’s degree in public administration with a last tryconcentration in criminal justice administration. Her degree ties in nicely with her previous volunteer work with Victim Witness through the court system. “While volunteering there, I had a sense of fulfillment. I was helping my fellow citizens and I enjoyed the work,” stated Amanda.

Without this scholarship, Amanda would have fewer opportunities to be placed in a marketable position to continue moving forward in her career goals. Even better, as her children become young adults, she will be poised to encourage them to further their educational goals as well.

Amanda’s husband is a warrant officer in the army. As a pilot who flies Blackhawks for a living, their children are incredibly excited to see their dad in action. The kids waive at every helicopter that flies by. For fun, the Novacek family enjoys spending time in the gorgeous Alaskan outdoors, hiking, fishing and camping when the weather is right.

What drives Amanda’s resilience and determination? “I believe in order to be successful you need to find something you are passionate about. You have to have the drive to make it happen and the strength to keep going even when life puts obstacles in your way,” Amanda said.

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