September 27, 2023

CSU Faculty In the News

Instructional designers to present at conference
CSU instructional design and technology staffers Jacqueline N. Beverly, Thomas C. Heitman, Jacqueline Pica and Director John Hope will attend the fifth annual South Alabama Conference on Teaching and Learning on May 11-12 at the University of South Alabama campus in Mobile, Ala.

The group will give a presentation on “Online Course Design: Facilitating Success in Adult Learning.” This best practices session will demonstrate how CSU reduces barriers adult learners face by focusing on three areas in course design: (a) consistency, (b) relevancy, and (c) flexibility.

Instructional designer Robyn McKenzie will join them at the conference with her presentation, “Faculty Engagement: Connecting Virtual Students through Audio and Video Interactions.” This presentation will specifically identify and demonstrate audio and video-based strategies that increase interaction in online learning environments by focusing on the three available types of interaction in a virtual course: learner-instructor, learner-content and learner-learner.

Also attending will be Instructional designers Debra Campbell and Elizabeth MacWhinnie who will discuss “Reliable Rubrics: Enhancing Evaluation Consistency.” They will discuss the process for creating a standard set of rubrics that can be used for a variety of assignment types university-wide.

Professor Talks Golf
CSU sport management professor Tim Rice was honored and excited to be interview for story in WalletHub, a website designed to help consumers learn, share and review financial products with expert insights.

“I am glad they reached out to me and gave me this wonderful opportunity. I feel it says a lot about the sport management program at Columbia Southern University,” he added.

Rice and other were interviewed about the 2015 Master’s Tournament, saving money on golf, biggest issues in the game and more. You can read the article for his comments.