September 21, 2023

Military Representative Finds Job a ‘Natural Fit’

Although he is new to CSU, Military Outreach representative Randal Dennis brings a remarkable background in the military.

With 26 years combined Navy and Coast Guard service, Dennis is not new to working with and speaking to military people. So his current position “seems a natural fit.”

In fact, he truly enjoys meeting and talking with others about CSU because of “the instant connection I get by speaking to a military person, and the excitement as I watch them develop into a college student,” he said.

Dennis, who has been with CSU since December 2014, said he also likes, “Being able to talk with potential students about using their educational benefits while they’re active-duty and not waiting until the end of their career to try to squeeze in an education at the last minute.”

As with all CSU Outreach representatives, Dennis travels to specific regions to meet potential students and share with them the benefits of an online degree. Currently, his region extends from the Bay Area of San Francisco north through Alaska. Since joining CSU, he has already amassed a few interesting stories.

“Due to the fact that the Coast Guard is a very small service, when I was active-duty, I would run into someone I knew practically everywhere I went,” Dennis explained. “Now, as a civilian with CSU, it still happens. Last week, while in the Seattle area, I came across someone I knew when I worked there about 10 years ago, and we picked right up where we left off.”

Dennis added that he enjoys representing CSU in the Northwest and hopes to meet more veterans and active-duty military.