October 4, 2023

CSU Alumni Take On the Big Easy

The good times rolled when 35 CSU graduates, students, faculty and staff gathered at an eatery in New Orleans for a reception in December.

Organized by the Student and Alumni Engagement Department, the reception at Drago’s Seafood Restaurant gave everyone a chance to network, meet fellow classmates and nosh on charbroiled oysters.

Praise for the event and the chance to meet others was echoed by many.

“I sincerely hope that CSU continues to use events like this for mixers as it gives alumni a chance to connect and bring others into the CSU family,” said Daniel Slattery. “As a student who had completed his post-secondary education almost completely online, I had never had the experience of an alumni event like this. It certainly strengthened my connection to the university and probably would make me more likely to continue to refer friends and acquaintances to CSU to pursue further education.”

Faculty member Rene Cintron also praised CSU’s effort: “What I learned that night was that CSU cares about the impact the organization’s faculty, staff and administration have on changing lives. Events such as this help students, alumni and their families understand this.”

CSU students Kay Hall and Miranda Day and alumnae and returning student Julie Carter really hit it off at the event as Hall was interested in exiting the finance field while Day was interested in getting into the world of finance. Carter, who works in occupational safety and health, talked with Hall, who actually wants to get into OSH as a career switch.

“It was exciting and fascinating to see the three of them talk all night and learn that they could help each other achieve their career dreams all through attending a CSU reception,” said Andie Bills, SAE alumni relations coordinator.

The CSU Alumni Association will be hosting an event on Feb. 21 at Fado’s Irish Pub in Buckhead area of Atlanta. A chapter meeting, which runs from 4 to 5 p.m., is open to those alumni that have joined both the association and the chapter via the alumni Web page.

Afterward, a reception, hosted by Alumni Association, will be held from 5:30 to 8 p.m. The reception, which will feature hors d’oeuvres, is open to faculty, students and alumni. For more information, please click here.