September 27, 2023

Q&A with CSU Representative: Paul Radke

CSU Outreach representative Paul Radke will be presenting at the Associated General Contractors of America Safety Committee Conference in San Diego this week.

A newcomer to CSU, he is very excited about this opportunity.

“In addition to being given a luncheon time slot to present CSU to the entire conference, I’ve also been asked by the organizers to sit on a panel discussion,” he explained. “The panel discussion will be focused on the skilled labor shortage in the construction industry.”

Radke will likely address how education can better prepare entry-level management for safety responsibilities and what, if any, barriers those individuals would face.

Here is some more information about Radke in his own words:

How long have you worked as an Outreach representative for CSU?
I was hired on May 21, 2014 so I’m still in my first year at CSU.

Which degree program(s) do you represent?
When I first started I was a generalist and represented all academic programs, but I have now been assigned to represent our largest degree program, occupational safety and health.

What do you enjoy most when meeting with students and partners?
What I enjoy most is helping students with a decision that could be life-changing for them and their family. Many students struggle with the decision to start college because of the challenges of juggling being a parent, spouse, employee and student. If I can reduce some of their stress by helping them make an informed choice, assisting them through the application process, encouraging them when they enroll and start their classes, then I feel I’ve made a difference in that student’s life. And that’s rewarding!

Share an interesting story from someone you’ve met during your travels.
When I was visiting a learning partner near Lexington, Kent., one of the employees had to drive two hours from a rural plant to visit with me. During our conversation, I learned that he was a National Merit Semi-Finalist and dropped out of school 15 years ago to help support his parents, got married and started a family. He now felt the time was right for him to go back to school and complete his degree. The HR director said he was passed over for job promotions because he didn’t have a degree, but once he got his degree, he would be on track for management level positions. I’m pleased to say, the student has enrolled and is on his way to pursuing his bachelor’s in business administration.

Describe your most memorable moment from one of your travels.
During a visit to the Scottsboro, Ala., Police Department, my visit with Major Latimer was interrupted by a visit from the FBI. The FBI was there to exhume a body of a John Doe from 1981. They had reason to believe it was a person on the Ten Most Wanted List from 1976. Just an average day in the life of a Corporate Outreach representative.

What are your top three travel tips and why?

  • Apply for your TSA Known Traveler Number. It expedites the airport security line process.
  • Check the weather forecast of your destination so you know how to pack and whether or not to bring an umbrella.
  • Try to hit the hotel fitness center at least once a day for 30 minutes. You will be surprised how much energy it will give you throughout the day.

 Where is your top choice for travel and why?
If I was to pick one area it would be Kentucky. I love the rolling bluegrass hills and the horse farms of central Kentucky.