September 29, 2023
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Hands On Leadership :: Micromanaging

Leadership or Micromanagement?

This is the final post in our Hands on Leadership series. When many people hear “Hands on Leadership” they tend to think “micromanagement.” I believe there are times when micromanaging a leader for a short time is acceptable. I make this a priority if I have just hired a new leader who is in a high level position. I have seen in many organizations where a Director or Vice-President might be hired and because of maybe their title there is not much training to help this person get acclimated into the culture of the organization. Because of this, we have a very detailed training plan here at CSU for all new hires that come into leadership positions. During this time the leader is walked through projects daily until we feel we have set them up for success.

As I lead my senior team, I walk along side them on projects that might be new to them so that I can show them (1) how I would do the project and (2) to give support along the way throughout the project. We can’t expect for our leaders to fully grasp how we want the project to flow unless we walk with them during the project. I find myself going deep in the project with them at times and then pulling out of the project as I feel they are fully understanding the full vision of it. As you do this you will see on the next go around that your leader has a better grasp of how you want to project to flow and the vision of how the project should look at the end. You then can take your hands off the project and watch your leader lead with excellence.

This leadership style is a great way to set your team up for success but allows you to mentor and assist as needed. As you lead this way communication is wide open and projects are moving forward. Your leader does not feel micromanaged but feels empowered by you and we then have set them up to succeed.

What is your leadership style? Have you been micromanaged? How did it affect you?

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  1. ManipalBlog


    These series of articles have been thoroughly illuminating on the process of management and leadership. I especially liked this article for highlighting the difficulties faced by top level management, when exposed to a new set up.

    I myself prefer to be a laid back manager, but keep a constant rapport to see that my team is adjusting well to the expected tasks at hand. I haven’t micromanaged anyone so far, but your article here has given me an idea as to how to go about it when an opportunity presents.