September 22, 2023

CSU Policy Updates : January 2015

The Student Complaint and Grievance Policy has been revised and is available in the Student Handbook. A brief summary of the changes are listed below for your reference.

• The definition of a complaint has been revised
• Expounded the definition of a grievance to ensure appropriate levels are followed
• Added language that allows faculty or administrators the opportunity to respond to a complaint that is filed against them to help aid in student resolution
• Identified when the Title IX Administrator should be contacted
• Revised the complaint procedures and integrated the new Office of Student Resolution and a complaint form to streamline procedures
• Added language related to filing complaints with state and federal agencies

Introduction to the new Office of Student Resolution
CSU is excited to announce the creation of the new Office of Student Resolution. This office is available to listen and aid in developing resolutions for student concerns, appeals, or complaints while students are pursuing their degree at CSU. To learn more about this office, visit