December 1, 2023

Merry Christmas from CSU

When we think of the holiday season, many of us first think of our family. We think about the gifts we are going to give, all of the extended family we are going to see and we think back to Christmas memories past.

This holiday season, I hope you also remember your CSU family. One of the challenges that many face when getting an online degree is the feeling of being isolated and learning on your own instead of in a group community that many brick-and-mortar schools have. But we at CSU strive to keep the feeling of community learning alive.

As well as encouraging our students to develop strong relationships with student representatives and professors, we also encourage our students to connect with one another. Though you may be across the country or across the world from your classmates, it doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with them for help with schoolwork.

We encourage you all to connect with other students on the SchoolsApp through your student portal as well as following the official CSU Facebook page. This page allows you to connect with other students and alumni as well as keep up with CSU news and events.

If you are unable to spend the holidays with your family this year, remember your school family and the support that they can provide to you throughout the year.

From everyone at CSU, Merry Christmas!