September 27, 2023
Learning Partners

Dedication and Passion Unites

CSU Partner Liaison Christie Ball recently presented the Concord Fire Department in Concord, N.C., with the December Partner of the Month.

LP dec partner

Concord Fire Department Fire Chief Ray Allen, left, and administrative assistant Travis MaGaha stand with the CSU Learning Partner of the Month award.

The Concord Fire Department features more than 193 professionals dispersed among 11 stations. The department provides emergency services to more than 80,000 residents and visitors and manages the emergency services for the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Department members are united by their dedication and passion to provide effective response to emergency situations, as well as coordinate educational opportunities for schools, churches, civic organizations, and businesses.

The Concord Fire Department has been a CSU learning partner since 2013 and has 13 members who are CSU students or alumni. One student, Travis McGaha, said, “We have a lot of folks in the department taking courses through CSU. Although we are in different phases of the program, we are still able to compare our classes and professors.”

McGaha added that as a group of firefighters, attending CSU, “helps to build a sense of comradery, even though we are not in the same classroom. We are still able to work together.”

Concord Fire Prevention Bureau Chief Mark Brown is proud of his department because “the people of this department are very dedicated individuals and they put 100 percent into their everyday jobs.”

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