October 4, 2023

CSU Student Says Aloha to Graduation

Sadly, Michelle Polk, a human resource specialist in the U.S. Army, could not make it to the 2014 CSU graduation ceremonies in October in Orange Beach.

However, she was able to make lemonade (or Hawaiian punch) from this situation.

Stationed in Hawaii, Polk was able to attend the Joint Enlisted Graduation Recognition Ceremony on Nov. 7 at the Enlisted Club on Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu.

“It was special to me because it was the closest event to graduation I’ll get to experience in a very long time being that I could not attend graduation in Orange Beach,” said Polk, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in human resource management. “My entire chain of command attended to support me as well as my husband. At first, it was only for Navy and Air Force, but fortunately they opened it to Army as well and I am so glad that they did.”

She is also very happy to earn her bachelor’s degree with CSU. “I choose CSU because I knew I wanted to work on earning my degree and CSU made it so easy because they are so military friendly.”