September 27, 2023

CSU Website Gets A Makeover

So, how do you like us now?

As you might have noticed, CSU has changed its website dramatically.

The new look features a smoother, more responsive interface to improve user interaction.

“We created this new website to enhance the customer experience on many levels,” said Beau Vignes, director of the CSU Marketing Department. “Visitors can access content easier and faster as we have integrated a content marketing approach to the design of the site.”

The CSU website design also has a responsive format, so it is easily accessible on various mobile devices. The menus and windows are designed to provide content quickly and thoroughly while offering a concise look.

Vignes added that the website will have some small changes in the future to enhance the look and content.

So what do you think of the new look? Let us know in the comments below.




  1. Chris

    I love the new CSU website. The layout is easy to follow, and it flows. But on the other hand; can I see some different people on the site? These folks graduated in 2011, 2012, two and three years ago. I’m sure some prominent people have graduated since then. And also updated pages for the degree programs as well, i.e. Safety and Emergency Management.

  2. Shawn

    Only one suggestion: mobile site needs blackboard/myCSU login. If it is there it is too hard to find. Still a great design overall!

  3. Nikki McHerrin

    I really like the new site. It has everything together and it is very easy to navigate through- Good Job CSU!!!

  4. Kevin McGee

    I am impressed with the overhaul. The new version appears to activate some features of the previous version that were dysfunctional. This version takes the CSU experience to a new interface level. With the intensive and comprehensive online demands of CSU courses, this upgrade eases the experience. Congratulations to all those involved with the design, development and implementation of this new interface.