December 1, 2023

November Learning Partner of the Month

Columbia Southern University presented the United Steelworkers Institute for Career Development with the November Learning Partner of the Month award at the ICD’s annual conference in New Orleans.

lp nov presentation

Debbie Bohling-Rodriguez, left, of U.S. Steel Gary Works Career Development program receives the CSU Learning Partner of the Month award from CSU representative Rachel Stanford.

CSU hosted a refreshment break during the conference where CSU Outreach representative Rachel Stanford presented the certificate to Debbie Bohling-Rodriguez, a representative from the U.S. Steel Gary Works Career Development Program in Gary, Ind.

“Being a learning partner with CSU has allowed us to give our participants a quality, accessible, affordable alternative to on-line education,” said Bohling-Rodriguez. “One particular need that CSU has filled for U.S. Steel –Gary Works plant is that a great number of our emergency services personnel have completed their fire science degrees through CSU.”

The Institute for Career Development, headquartered in Merrillville, Ind., was created in 1989 and serves as a workforce training program for members of United Steelworkers. There are more than 70 career development programs across the United States in the steel, tire, rubber and glass industries.

The institute for Career Development’s mission statement begins “Employee satisfaction, worker security, and corporate success require that the workforce be capable of reacting to change, challenge, and opportunity. This in turn requires ongoing training, education and personal growth.”

The mission statement highlights the commitment that the ICD has to its members and furthering their education and training. CSU is proud to be partnered with organizations such as the United Steelworker ICD as well as the U.S. Steel Gary Works, U.S. Steel Pittsburg Works and the U.S. Steel Fairfield Works Career Development Programs.

CSU’s online degree programs are a great fit for the United Steelworkers Institute for Career Development in meeting its mission to help its workers gain education, training and personal growth.

CSU currently has more than 2,500 learning partners nationwide. For more information on CSU learning partners, visit