September 27, 2023
Learning Partners

Alabama Investigator Gets Scholarship



“Any officer or public servant that does not strive to improve himself by learning and training is only cheating the people that he took an oath to serve and protect. It’s only with a good education and training foundation that a public servant can truly serve the people of the community.”

So believes Henry County (Ala.) Sheriff’s Office investigator Sgt. Steven Sanders of Abbeville, Ala., who was recently awarded a CSU Learning Partner Scholarship.

The Learning Partner Scholarship features an essay contest in which employees/members of companies or organizations that partner with CSU can enter. The scholarship covers tuition for up to 24 months for one specific online degree program. Sanders, who is a CSU student, is a member of the Alabama Peace Officers Association which partners with CSU.

Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration with CSU, Sanders plans to use the scholarship toward a master’s degree to further his career.

“I feel that with a college degree coupled with additional training, I can one day move into a position to lead a law enforcement agency in a professional manner that benefits the entire community,” explained Sanders, who has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 2008.
“By doing this, I hope that I can one day teach the officers under my command the proper way to serve the community and stand as a role model for the people of the community that have found themselves in difficult situations in life.”

To learn more about the CSU Learning Partner Scholarship, contact 888-785-3006 or email