December 1, 2023

CSU Rolls Out New Degree Programs

CSU is pleased to announce three new degree programs to help you expand your career potential.

The degrees include:

The health information science degree provides a medical coding track that prepares students to become proficient medical billers and coders by providing the latest information related to medical coding, medical chart auditing and insurance reimbursement.

The bachelor’s in homeland security is designed to provide an in-depth background related to Department of Homeland Security practices by focusing on strategies of prevention, planning and response measures related to terrorist threats.

With a curriculum of leadership in EMS systems, planning and development and risk management practices, the EMSA degree program takes a multi-professional approach to administration of emergency medical services organizations.

The programs have been approved by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and CSU is finalizing approval with the state of Alabama.

Interested applicants may apply for these programs now.  Existing students who are interested in these programs may submit a change of program request and the fee will be waived.



  1. Jerry Collins

    I’m actually more interested in Master of IT with specific concentrations; such as web design/consulting, project management, information systems, programming, hardware, networking, etc.