December 1, 2023

New CSU Facebook Communities

At Columbia Southern University we are constantly looking for ways to stay innovative and keep our students connected to one another though they may be thousands of miles apart. In an effort to create a more intimate connection between students, we decided to create three smaller Facebook communities to connect students with similar interests and degree programs.

The Fire Science community will connect fire safety and fire service professionals and keep participants up to date on fire events that CSU is hosting. This will also be a place to post current news and events in your industry.

The Criminal Justice community will connect CSU alumni and students at all levels. This page will allow alumni and students to share their stories as well as network and share job opportunities for others in their field.

The Safety and Health Professional community will connect OSH students and graduates to one another and act as a place to share about news in the field, conferences around the country, and job openings. As well as a place to network, this will be a page for you to find out about workshops and events held by CSU for Safety and Health professionals.

Take the time today to connect to others in your degree program through our new Facebook communities!