September 30, 2023
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Never Accept Average

September is National School Success Month. Our mission here at CSU is to “change lives one student at a time through education.” Each year during graduation in October I get to see adult learners walk across the stage with excitement in knowing they are finally receiving their degree. Seeing this makes me realize that we are a success when our students are a success.

I want to talk about being above average in life. My dad always told me, “Don’t be average Chantell, everyone is average!” I can still hear him saying this to me even now and 30 years later, I am telling my kids the same thing. I teach my children to not accept where they are but to always move themselves forward and to be above average.

My son plays varsity football and just last week my husband was telling him to do push-ups and other things that will enable him to be a success out on the field when he plays. It is those little, extra things that will cause you to stand out among the rest. As you look back on your life, I am sure you can see those times when you pushed a little harder and did things maybe that no one else was doing. Those are the times that have given you the success you enjoy today.

Whether you are working towards your degree or recently graduated, all of you have decided to be above average. That decision means true success in your life. Going back to college as an adult takes raw determination, stickablity and that fight to not accept average in your life. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. Thank you all for making CSU a success. You are #1!

I would love to hear from you on how you pushed through to get your degree and brought success into your life.

Chantell Cooley


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  1. Sonja

    I am currently a CSU student in the midst of completing my Bachelor’s of Science degree in information systems. I find your words totally inspiring and I thank you. These are diffcult turbulent times as I push forward, I know what I must do to stay focused. The sacrifice is well worth it.