September 21, 2023

Policy Update: Final Exam Proctor Policy

In order to better meet the needs of students and to provide clarification regarding final examinations, the Final Examination Proctor Policy will be updated effective Oct. 10, 2014. The following changes can be seen in the policy which can be found in the Student Handbook:

  • Removed the limitation of only having a maximum of three proctors on file, and recommended students to have at least, more than one
  • Added verbiage to explain the four hour time limit begins at the time the exam is opened
  • Added verbiage that other software may be utilized by the approval of the course professor or Office of Disability Services
  • Clarified qualified/unqualified proctors
  • Clarified that the student must resend the proctor invitation after 14 days of the original invitation being sent
  • Encouraged students to request to sit for their exam “during the last two weeks of their course” verses “no later than the last day of class”

Student who have questions or would like clarification regarding this policy should contact Student Services at or 877.323.4471.