March 24, 2023

NSA scholarship winner believes in education

CSU and the National Sheriffs’ Association recently awarded a scholarship to Deputy David E. Hulshizer of the Natrona County (Wyo.) Sheriff’s Office.

Through a partnership with CSU, members of the NSA can compete in an essay contest for a two-year scholarship to be used toward an online degree at CSU. Hulshizer, who has worked at the Sheriff’s Office for 12 years, will use the scholarship toward an online master’s degree with CSU.

“I truly care for the community in which I live and believe that law enforcement officers are an in integral part of that community,” he said. “I also believe whole-heartedly in education, specifically in post-secondary education, and believe it can be one of the greatest assets to a deputy.”

Hulshizer has spent the last four years as an investigator specializing in high tech crimes, fraud crimes, blue/white collar crimes and crimes against persons. He has also worked as a computer forensic examiner, lead hostage negotiator for the Sheriff’s Office’s combined Special Response Team and as a radar/laser speed enforcement instructor.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming in 1999 and has worked for Wyoming Game and Fish for two years. The Casper, Wyo., resident is a husband of 15 years and father of four who enjoys watching his children play sports and hunting.

“I describe myself as a very ardent family man first and foremost and a deputy sheriff second. I believe strongly in putting faith and family first. These two pillars of my life keep me well-rooted and able to perform my work duties at the highest level,” Hulshizer explained.

He plans to improve his performance of those duties by attaining a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in criminal justice from CSU to better serve his community.

“With this degree, I hope to become a strong leader that can help other deputies grow and become successful in their careers as well,” he said.

“Early in my career, I learned that I had to look up to others who had been here long before I had and seek their input and knowledge. I hope to give back to our younger deputies the same way those before me did. I believe that earning a master’s degree will help me give back to other deputies in a much greater way.”


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