September 29, 2023

Leading in the 21st Century

ALE-conference presentation.

Michelle Manganaro, left, and Chantell Cooley present their research on novice female leaders at the Association of Leadership Educators Conference.

CSU Senior Vice President Chantell Cooley and adjunct professor Michelle Manganaro, Ph.D., presented a workshop and round table discussion at the Association of Leadership Educators Conference earlier this month in San Antonio, Texas.

The pair discussed their research paper on “Strategies for Women in Novice Leadership Positions,” which addresses the definition, problems and solutions women face as novice leaders in the business world.

Cooley and Manganaro reviewed a practical guidance model for female novice leaders of varying levels including entrepreneurs, new managers, small business owners and other professional positions. They conducted dialogue to supplement and explore areas of their research on understanding female novice business leaders.

Cooley also offered some sage advice to the educators in attendance. “I encouraged those who taught in the college system to invite corporate leaders into their classrooms to give insight into the working world and to give practical solutions and stories of real-life experiences that a new leader will face,” she said.

As senior vice president, Cooley leads various important initiatives at CSU including leadership training for management, customer service training, and self-improvement training programs. Manganaro is a faculty member for the CSU Graduate School of Business. She has been a contributing faculty member in Massachusetts for 14 years and an education director for 19 years.

The ALE San Antonio conference was a collaboration opportunity for developing leadership educators.