September 21, 2023

Jump-Start Your Career with CareerQuest (Part 2)

As part of our commitment to providing students and alumni with the tools they need to succeed, CSU is launching our newest tool, CareerQuest, on July 15.

Through CareerQuest each user can craft a remarkable professional resume and cover letter and gain immediate access to CSU’s learning partners and a variety of Fortune 500 companies that have already established relationships with CSU.

Housed within the student portal, CareerQuest will link graduates to more than four million employers worldwide allowing each user to search for available jobs within their selected field.

This comprehensive tool assists students in building an effective resume, organizing contacts, will track postings, and allow the user to customize and organize their job search. Students can search by specific companies or use keywords to match their career objectives with specific job openings.

CareerQuest offers a variety of other services that will enable each student to build a career specific, online presence to ensure that each graduate is able to find meaningful work, within the student’s chosen field. Once potential employers are identified, graduates can apply on line, by posting their resumes directly from the CareerQuest site.

Additionally, one of the most valuable services CareerQuest provides, are one-on-one meetings with a Career Development Counselor. These career experts can review resumes, provide personalized, valuable guidance, and offer constructive advice throughout the job search.

According to Sonya Lavett, Manager, Student and Alumni Engagement, “CareerQuest will provide a direct link between CSU students and graduates and employers for potential job opportunities. We will now also be able to post job opportunities from our very own Learning Partners and CSEG Business Development Alliances, which will provide that CSU connection. This is definitely exciting for us, as it is the goal of students to advance in their careers or make a career change altogether. This is the whole reason they opted to come back to school and seek an education, so that they can improve their lives.”

“The main feature of CareerQuest is to provide students and graduates immediate access to the job bank and the numerous CSU student resources – workshops, resume’ examples, Career Services Manual, just to name a few. We are extremely excited to offer this invaluable service to our students and graduates. As we become more familiar with the system and build our team, we will continuously unveil new features to our users,” she concludes.

CareerQuest will launched on July 15, and is just one of the many ways CSU continues to showcase its commitment to one of the University’s fundamental core values by providing exceptional academic and student support services.

For a preview of how CareerQuest can help jump-start your career, Tune into CSU Talk Radio on Tuesday, July 1 at 6 pm Central.

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