September 21, 2023
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Your CSU Stories

When I wrote my first blog in August 2013 I never expected to receive so many comments. In fact, that initial Empower U post still receives new comments as students continue to share their CSU stories.

This week I am excited to have two opportunities to hear to your CSU stories.

CSU President Robert Mayes and I will be on CSU Talk Radio tonight at 6 p.m. Central and would love to have you tune in.  We will be asking “What is your CSU Story?”  Please call (646) 478-5814 this evening and be a part of the incredible movement of education.

I will also be attending a joint CSU/Waldorf College Student & Alumni reception this Thursday in Baltimore.  Waldorf President Bob Alsop will be joining me and we are very excited to meet our alumni and students this at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore over looking the beautiful inner harbor.  If you are in the Baltimore area, we look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories of how you came to CSU and Waldorf.

From the very beginning, our vision has been to change and improve lives.  The word improve is a big word.  We at CSU and Waldorf want to help each and every student go further and find their talents so that they can expand and go to higher levels.

Hearing student testimonials continues to motive me that we are making a difference.  So many students are the first in their family to receive their degrees.  For others, they are now able to finally get that degree that they once started but could not continue many years ago.  Our faculty and staff are so in tune with our students to keep the drive to finish and fulfill the dream of education.  The outcome of receiving your education is so fulfilling to many and a pivotal moment that is so contagious.  So, we want to hear your stories!

Hope to see you in Baltimore or tonight on CSU Talk Radio!


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  1. Rich Warren

    Richard T Warren
    845 Richland Ave
    Merritt Island, Fl. 32953

    Chantell Cooley
    Columbia Southern University
    25326 Canal Road – P.O. Box 3110
    Orange Beach, AL 36561

    After an educational hiatus of thirty years, my CSU journey began in February 2005. My voyage encompassed thirty-three courses completed by May 2008, earning me a BSBA with a concentration in Marketing. Only through the CSU educational approach was I able to accomplish this goal, while working full time, completing multiple proposal projects outside of normal business hours, losing my father-in-law to cancer, seeing my son married and my grandson born, and still being able to graduate Magna Cum Laude.
    My accomplishment was only possible through the wonderful support from the professors and staff at CSU, which made this journey both achievable and enjoyable. CSU has provided me the right tools within the best educational framework possible, to accomplish my goals. A wonderful addition to this journey was being able to graduate in the same year as my daughter. This is a bond that we will share forever.
    Although unable to participate in the graduation ceremony, I was present in spirit. My absence was necessary because of my new position made possible by having my degree. I am now a contractor analyst for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. I truly believe that my educational experience at CSU has helped prepare me for the opportunity of a lifetime. Not many people get to help move our nation’s space program into its new phase in history.
    My initial CSU journey was so good, I continued by earning my MBA with concentration in Project Management in September 2010. I have continued to put my CSU skills to good use by writing and publishing my first fictional mystery novel, The Hidden Power, available at publishing in May of 2014. My CSU legacy has also reached out to my family in the form of my daughter acquiring her HR graduate certificate at CSU and my niece acquiring her MBA through CSU. We are all happy CSU graduates.
    Thank you for all that you do and have done for me as an individual. CSU is a marvelous institution which offers a truly wonderful educational opportunity to those individuals who choose an online education to achieve their goals.


    Richard T. Warren