September 21, 2023
From the President's Desk

CSU gets mascot, honors Safety Month

Graduate provides safety

KyleBrickerKyle Bricker truly enjoys learning about safety with CSU. He earned his associate degree in occupational safety and health in 2012, an associate degree in fire science in 2013 and he just completed a bachelor’s degree in OSH in May.

Bricker, a project safety advisor, said he went into OSH because he wanted to provide for his family and “I enjoy the challenge of coordinating the best and safest solutions to problems between personnel within the company.”

The one-time Eagle Scout enjoys the challenge of his work and says the job “a safety professional is to present safety issues in such a way that both management and employees want to improve. If your crews don’t buy into your program, then it will be very difficult to succeed.”

Dear students and alumni,

We have some sensational news to share with you!

After many years of requests by students, alumni, faculty, and staff, CSU has created a mascot: the Knights!

We felt the Knights name and image truly befits CSU as it represents loyalty, honor and integrity. As you know, mascots are an important part of the collegiate life and serve as a symbol of unification and identity for students and alumni. I am very happy with the mascot as it represents CSU well.

Now that we have a mascot, we need you, our students and alumni, to name it. Click here to see the mascot and to submit your suggestion for a name.

Another piece of news to share is that June is National Safety Month. Because CSU’s initial programs were a certificate and degree in occupational safety, National Safety Month means a lot to us.

Today, that tradition lives on with our occupational safety and health being the largest program by number of students at CSU. I am proud to say many of our graduates are leaders in their fields and work hard to keep employees, customers and companies safe. One example is Kyle Bricker, a project safety advisor in Washington, whose story you can read in the sidebar here.

Lastly, over the next few weeks, CSU will be represented at several conferences including the National Society of Human Resource Managers in Orlando, the National Sheriffs’ Association in Fort Worth, Texas and the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Md., next month.

Stay safe,

Robert Mayes